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The Power of the Pantsuit

(Disclaimer: I'm in no way endorsing this Hillary Clinton. I personally support a third party candidate) Happy Election Day! Is that an oxymoron? After seeing the hate being spewed on Facebook and Twitter, I'm not sure I'm ready to celebrate... In order to lighten...

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Maker Mondays: Glitter Glass Review

Side note: First off-- I apologize. I realize that technically today is no longer Monday, but I began this post on a Monday so that counts! Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog post  Hello All! I'd like to talk to you about a a fun craft supply that is quite...

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Sunday Shout Out: Bead Box Bargains

Hello again! In my experience, it is quite difficult to find a good bead place. I'm apart of several jewelry making communities on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram (I'll hyperlink the LKB pages) and everyone frequently discusses their favorite one-stop shops. I've...

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How to Master Frugal Fashion

Dear Ladies, It's that time of the year! Not Halloween or back to school; it's Fall Fashion Time! Paris Fashion Week has concluded and the newest trends have been revealed. Women and girls everywhere are buying the latest-style this and the newest that. Budgets are...

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