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Maker Mondays: Crafting with a Master

It’s Maker Mondays! This segment will usually involve some sort of product review, tutorial, or picture diary entry of a project I'm working on. Today, it will be a recount of my fabulous adventure to a beading bliss! A family friend of ours invited us over to craft,...

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Fashion Friday: Cunning Collars

I recently discovered a website called and fell absolutely in love. It allows creators, bloggers, and everyday people to create ensembles and share them with the world. In order to best communicate my advice each Fashion Friday, I will be utilizing...

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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away–Photo Book #1

Hello, Busy Bees! I realize that I was supposed to release a photo book back in December, but the work of a high school entrepreneur is never done 🙂 When we're back on a regular schedule, I'll be releasing photo books on Thursdays (to see a full schedule click here)....

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