Hello, lovelies!

Happy Fashion Friday! To celebrate this stylish occasion, I’m going to introduce you to someone who kills it in the fashion industry. I’d like you to meet a stunning woman who I’ve always looked up to: Malaika Denise. She’s a stylish and striking person who loves to push fashion boundaries. Once, I encountered her distressing and bleaching some tops just because she wanted something new to wear to work! She does more than think outside the box–she destroys it and builds a palace with the pieces. I don’t have an older sister, but if I did, I design her like Malaika. She’s got a drive, dedication, and determination that is hard to come by these days. I just feel blessed to have met her! If you’d like to read some of her work or connect with her through social media, check out her website here.

Here she is! Ms. Malaika Denise.

Hello! Tell me a little bit about yourself.

 Hi! I am Malaika Denise – Artist, Designer, and Visionary. I am a creator of many things. a lover of many aesthetics. detail oriented. a collector of all things beautiful. nocturnal. a perfectionist. charming. indecisive. And a dreamer.

Based in the Queen City – I pride myself on being a Charlotte creative. My professional titles consist of creative director, fashion marketer, beauty enthusiast + self taught MUA and Lifestyle blogger!

What’s your favorite color?

My favorite color is always changing but right now I am shamelessly obsessed with baby pink!

When did you start caring about how you dressed?

I feel like I’ve always cared about how I dressed, but really reaching true style goals – I would say that desire started for me last year!

What’s your goto wardrobe piece?

 My black, suede ankle boots!

Malaika sent in this awesome pic in which she’s rocking those very same boots!

If you had to wear the same thing every day for a month, what would it be?

Velvet and fur!

Doesn’t she look stunning in this fur coat? So jealous!

What’s your biggest fashion pet-peeve?

Things that are too matchy.

What’s your accessory preference?

 I love accessories. They’re really what make the outfit for me and I don’t discriminate – I wear them all!

Describe your jewelry style. Chunky? Simple? Please, elaborate!

I definitely like pieces that are unique but I really just go with what stands out to me. My jewelry style changes from day to day.

Tell me about a time when you had a wardrobe malfunction and had to improvise?

My sisters graduation! I had 30 minutes to get ready and I ended up layering 2 dresses together!

Favorite coat style?

Outerwear is my FAVORITE. THING. but my current obsession with coats right now is the long duster

 Does fashion influence your job?

 Fashion is my job!

Then you deserve a promotion!

 Are you a creative person?

I don’t know what else I could be!

Have you ever tried making something for an outfit? If so, tell me about it.

I’ve distressed old tees an hour before work before! 

What’s your favorite piece of fashion advice?

“Fashion is what you buy – Style is what you do with it.” Oh, and “get a tailor”.

Who influences your style?

The cool girls. People like Rihanna. Jenna Lyons. Solange Knowles. People that know how to just be themselves. 

 If you were given the chance to design a piece of jewelry, what would it look like?

 Oh man, I love this question! Some type of really cool and pretty body chain necklace hybrid! Maybe made out of lace or leather or something! *laughter*

What’s winter like where you live?


Do you like snow?

It’s so pretty! 

Describe your clothing worst case scenario (not to be confused with a pet peeve).

 Ill fitting, disproportionate and uncomfortable.

Describe your clothing best case scenario.

Comfortable. Effortless. Eye catching and chic. 

This chic look certainly caught my eye.

Final thoughts?

I love when people are interested in the little details about me so thank you for this opportunity! 

There you have it! Is Malaika amazing, or what? If you guys have any follow up questions or would like to hear more, leave a comment below. Perhaps, I’ll be able to persuade her to send in a follow up if there are enough requests! If you enjoyed this, go check out the first Women Wear Winter interview. I hope you’ll all bee inspired by Malaika and the other women to come.


Katie Bee

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