Hello, lovelies!

I’m going to let you in on a secret: I’m not the only one online in my family. Gasp, I know right? The OB (Original Blogger) is really my mom, Robin W. Pearson.

My mother is the lovely lady on the left (fun fact, she’s not a fan of alliteration). Witty, wise, and wonderful (ok, I’m done), Robin W. Pearson broke the mold when it came to amazing women. She balances homeschooling, writing, parenting, and being Mother of the Year all while keeping it classy. It astounds me that she somehow manages to complete all that she does while still looking stylish! When I decided to do the Women Wear Winter series I knew my mom would be at the top of my list. Not only does she mix up the interview pool a little bit, but I plan on taking advantage of each and every opportunity to honor her.  For as long as I can remember, she has radiated beauty inside and out–these responses barely scratch the surface!

I’ll let you marvel at her mind for yourself, here’s the interview of Robin W. Pearson.

Hello! Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m a homeschooling mom of 7 who writes in her spare time, of which there is little.  

What’s your favorite color?

Orange makes me very happy! 

When did you start caring about how you dressed?

Hmmm. It’s more like when did I stop caring…and I think that was about three years ago when I went into the store dressed in my pjs.

What’s your go-to wardrobe piece?

My hat. It covers many sins.

Here’s just one of her many head coverings! Recognize G. in the background?

If you had to wear the same thing every day for a month, what would it be?

My purple and gray sweatsuit—and my gray hat. No, it’s not orange, but it’s cute enough to be stylish out and about, but comfy enough to lounge at home. 

What’s your biggest fashion pet-peeve?

The little ankle boots with skirts

What’s your accessory preference?

Earrings, my wedding ring, and lipstick. And a hat. 

Describe your jewelry style. Chunky? Simple? Please, elaborate!

Thanks to my jewelry-making daughter I have added to chunkier necklaces and earrings to my wardrobe, but I’m simple at heart. Left to my own devices I’d stick to my small pearl earrings and my gold necklace with the cross pendant or my sterling silver cross earrings and sterling silver necklace with the pics of my family. Both styles reflect my beliefs and priorities—faith and family! And my hat.

 Tell me about a time when you had a wardrobe malfunction and had to improvise?

I never leave the house without a safety pin.

 Favorite coat style?

Warm. Currently, when it’s too cold for my orange all-weather jacket I wear this horrible olive-green coat. Its best feature? It’s toasty. That makes up for its color and bulkiness. 

Even in a rain coat, my mom radiates beauty.

Does fashion influence your job?

Not my job, but my life. My daughter’s “in the business,” so that means I’m in the business. 

Are you a creative person?

I’m a writer and a mother of 7. When you Google “creative” my picture smiles back at you.

What’s your favorite piece of fashion advice?

I try to buy what I like and what is timeless. I don’t like following fashion trends that fade.

Who influences your style?

My daughter, Katherine.

 What’s winter like where you live?

It’s quite chilly where I live, typical winter.

Here’s a fun photo of us freezing a few winters ago! And yet, mom is still looking stylish.

Do you like snow?

I like looking at snow through the wispy tendrils floating up from my cup of coffee. I wish we could get a few good storms, just enough snow to keep us and everybody else at home and that we could make one batch of snow cream (yes, I know you’re not supposed to, but I’m a rebel at heart). It’s winter, so it should snow. I feel like a winter without snow is wasted cold.

Is there a way to stylishly rock a snow suit (if it doesn’t snow near you, skip this question)?

If you’re three perhaps.

Did I exaggerate? My mom not only took my simple questions and responded with complexity and skill, but she’s certainly proved that she’s a women to be reckoned with. As you could probably tell, she loves hats. So much, she wrote a blog post all about how our headwear affects us. Go read Coming Hat in Hand now! I know you’ll bee inspired by her words.


Katie Bee