Hello, lovelies!

First off, I apologize for the lull on my end. I realize that I owe you all a Fashion Friday post. Those of you who have been here for a while may also have noticed the absence of the Hive schedule. I’m currently revamping my system and hope to release a new schedule very soon. Though my flakiness may be frustrating, perhaps you’ll forgive me after I tell you about my new project: Women Wear Winter.
The Women Wear Winter Questionnaire is my first attempt at a long-running series. First, I wrote 21 questions down, erased them, then came up with 21 new ones. Next, I strung them together to draft something that resembled an interview transcript for easy comprehension and slapped together some simple directions. Finally, I contacted a short list of fearless females of different shapes and sizes and asked them to tell me their deepest, darkest secrets. Prepare to hear scandalous stories of style tips and fashion faux pas. Through this series, I plan on asking questions to see what exactly makes each female’s fashion clock tick. I’ll talk to women of various ages, preferences, and ways of life to show how diversity in background breeds diversity in style. Though it may seem superficial on the surface, I believe that it’s through the little things that we find the similarities that draw us together. A mother of seven who lives in Jersey may seem entirely different than the twenty five year old stylist in North Carolina–but that’s not always the case. Let’s explore the glorious complexities that shape us each individually in this lovely time called Winter.

(God willing) I’ll have my first set of answers up on the website tomorrow (meaning Monday, February 6th, I’m typing this late Sunday night). It’s a bit difficult coordinating a semi-major project like this, but I’m pretty excited. I know that every blog post is better with photos, so I’ll pop a selfie onto the bottom of this one. I also realize that this wasn’t my usual posting style, but change is a good thing.  Anyway, we should all bee open to it!


Katie Bee