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Hello, Everyone!

Today I attempted a major feat: completing a photo shoot with three young kids in sub-40 degree weather. In order to prep for Valentine’s Day (it’s only two weeks away!), I needed some new photos so I managed to convince my younger siblings to give me a hand. What ensued was fun, tiresome, and pure chaos.

Meet the gang!

This lovely lady is G! She has feistiness through the roof, but has friendliness in the same amount.

This cutie is V. She’s a sweet, gentle soul who won’t hurt a fly (unless the fly was asking her to stay outside in the cold to take more pictures).

Meet S! As you can see, he’s a little spitfire. Though he wasn’t featured in any of the “official” photos, he was so cute I couldn’t help but snap a few just for fun.

I realized that some of you may not know who I am! I’m Katie Bee, a jewelry and craft enthusiast who likes sharing her experiences with the Internet. I combined my two loves to start my own jewelry business and decided to take on a blog for good measure.

I rounded up some fake gems, a foam heart, and a couple outfits in order to get the shots I needed. It’s not super sunny over here, which makes for awesome lighting. You guys will get a chance to see the nice pictures over the course of the next couple weeks (make sure you’re following me on instagram), but only the lucky few who follow my blog get to see the outtakes!


I hope you enjoy this little peek into my process. My family has always been a huge contributor when it comes to my endeavors. I wouldn’t be doing this without their support! Bee creative, my friends!


Katie Bee