It’s Maker Mondays!

This segment will usually involve some sort of product review, tutorial, or picture diary entry of a project I’m working on. Today, it will be a recount of my fabulous adventure to a beading bliss! A family friend of ours invited us over to craft, chat, and eat cake last week. She discovered that she and I have jewelry making in common and asked if I wanted to come over and see her stuff. I didn’t realize I’d be in the presence of a master. Her mastery of technique and keen sense of style was astonishing. Check out this awesome pair of earrings she designed–

Gorgeous, right?

Before I had arrived, I had asked her to teach me about bead wrapping (a technique I’ve been longing to master!). Graciously, she was happy to oblige. Prior to the lesson, She let me poke around her collection of beads, semi-precious stones, and findings. It had been a little while since she last broke out her stuff, but she was still remarkably organized! I grew a bit envious upon seeing this-

It’s a fishing tackle box!! I was in awe. She has each drawer labeled according to what treasures are stored inside. She actually let me pillage her treasures a bit before I left, but more on that later. After oohing and ahhing over her collection, we jumped into bead wrapping. Let me tell you, it’s not as simple as it seems… While there were very few steps-caution is key. She never rushed, always planned ahead, and consistently executed examples with ease. I, on the other hand, was demoted to a pipe cleaner after fumbling with the wire a few times. 

Look at that patience!

A few more walk throughs and I was ready for the real deal. Mrs. F (my fearless mentor) broke out some gorgeous rose and orange colored beads and we dove in. After mastering my pipe cleaner I knew I was going to ace the wrapping wire. I was wrong.

It’s a bit hard to see, but my 3rd attempt is the orange-sad-excuse-for-a-wrapped-bead on the right. Mrs. F’s is the beauty on the left. I was determined to stumble out of this ordeal with at least one thing that resembled bead wrapping, so I jumped back into it. About twenty five minutes later (eons compared to Mrs. F’s two) I emerged semi-victorious with the earrings I’ll insert below.

While I struggled a bit to catch my stride, I got even better with more practice! Like I said before, Mrs. F let me take some gemstones and supplies home (my hero!!) so be on the look out for a tutorial in the near future. Don’t worry, I won’t attempt to show anyone until I master it myself. In exchange for her kindness and generosity, she picked out a couple things from my spring/summer 2017 line… Yes- the one that hasn’t been released yet!

Elated and exhausted, I returned home excited to attempt bead wrapping on my own! What have been your experiences with wrapping? What techniques should I try next? Bee sure to try new thing.


Katie Bee