I recently discovered a website called polyvore.com and fell absolutely in love. It allows creators, bloggers, and everyday people to create ensembles and share them with the world. In order to best communicate my advice each Fashion Friday, I will be utilizing polyvore’s amazing service to illustrate my points. 
Happy Fashion Friday, busy bees!

Apparently, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, and Wendy herself have been whispering in my ear because I’m really feeling Peter Pan collars. Their design has just the right mix of whimsical and sophisticated that really makes me smile! A little while ago, I was browsing around my second favorite jewelry store (besides my own) looking for a new necklace. And yes, I hear you. “Why were you in a jewelry store if you design and sell such fabulous pieces?” Does a baker make their own birthday cake? Once in a while, I take a load off and buy myself a pair of earrings or something. I was looking for on in the peter pan style, but I couldn’t find a collar that called my name. After searching high and low I decided to do what any good crafter does when they want something they can’t find–make it themselves!  After a lot of planning, searching, and shaking my fist at the sky, I finally finished my necklace.

(Not the best photo, I know) After spending so much time looking for the perfect peter pan necklace, I decided to look into more Neverland-style outfits. Thus, today’s subject was born! Together we shall explore cunning collars. We’ll look at two ensembles that feature them: one formal and one casual. I’m confident that you’ll be crackerjack when it comes to collars by the end of this blog post.

The Formal Look
Lace and Pearls
When pairing accessories with your collared outfits, it all comes down to one simple phrase. Keep it simple. This lovely lace look is completed with the addition of pearls. While I’m completely confident in my earring choice–I was uncertain about the necklace. The strand is nice, the bow almost seemed like too much. In the end, however, I decided that it was just enough. The ribbon ties in the vintage style of the dress without taking over the outfit. I would absolutely wear this! Now, let’s take a peek at another elegant look.
                                                               The Casual Look
                            Vintage, Classic, and Casual


 This casual look is perfect for brunch with friends or that special lunch date. When working with a funky print like the one on this vintage top, avoid chunky necklaces or brightly colored pendents. The collar rules out any mid-length necklaces. If it sits right on top, people won’t get to admire your whimsical style! When “shopping” around, I found this simple, dual-layered chain that lays beautifully under the collar. The earrings are circular rather than triangular like the shapes in the print, creating a nice contrast. Finally, the bangles are a simple-yet-stylish way to complete the look. The tip for this outfit? One bold statement is enough. The shirt is daring, let it speak for itself! If you attempt to pair it with something equally vocal, your harmonious outfit will quickly turn into a shouting match of conflicting styles.
 There you have it–my take on cunning collars. Do you guys agree or perhaps you would have styled these differently? I’d love to see anything you all come up with. Design something on polyvore.com and put the link to your creations below! Don’t forget to bee bold.
Katie Bee