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In my experience, it is quite difficult to find a good bead place. I’m apart of several jewelry making communities on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram (I’ll hyperlink the LKB pages) and everyone frequently discusses their favorite one-stop shops. I’ve been looking for my top store for quite some time. After hours of Google searches, I still hadn’t found my “it place.” Every store I found was too expensive. I was looking for a place to save money, not light it on fire. If I wanted to spend $12 on 8 beads I’d just go to a major chain.


Don’t get me wrong, me and AC Moore go way back. Though a tad pricey (when compared to Ebay), they’re great when you need something quick, aren’t sure what you’re looking for, or are picking up things like headpins or crimping tools. There is, however, something special about buying beads from a small shop. They have the individuality that big stores just can’t provide. I was determined to find my dream place. After typing countless combinations of the words “cheap”, “beads”, and “discount” I was ready to throw in the towel. One afternoon, and I tried the phrase “bargain beads” and stumbled on a little piece of crafting heaven: Bead Box Bargains.

Upon first sight, I was hesitant. Don’t get me wrong, the website looks great! I clicked around and found everything I had been looking for. Everything ranges from 50-90% off of their original price. I was sure that I’d put things into my cart just to find that shipping cost $25 (yes, that has happened several times). I had experienced disappointment after disappointment, so I was sure this site would be too good to be true–but I was wrong. Not only do they charge a reasonable flat rate for shipping ($2.75), their wasn’t even a minimum purchase! Here are some of my favorites, all for less than 80 cents:


Obviously, I’m a big fan of rondelle beads. Before I reviewed this shop for you all, however, I decided to test the waters. I decided to order three packages to see if they were consistent. My first purchase arrived within three days of me processing it and everything arrived packaged snuggly. There was a bonus pack of beautiful bead caps stapled to the business card in the package, a nice little touch. I’ve used about 70% of that purchase and couldn’t be happier! My second purchase was a similar experience. The order took a little bit longer to arrive, but that’s ok. My third order, however, went off with a slight hitch. One of my items arrived damaged, but that almost turned into a blessing in disguise. I wanted to test their customer service and this provided me with the perfect opportunity. I messaged them about my problem and received a response less than thirty minutes later. Not only will I receive a replacement (or a refund), but they are willing to combine my next order with the replacement–preventing me from having to pay an additional shipping cost. I certainly couldn’t be happier! They have a sister company, Bargain Bead box, that I’d love to try. For about $16.00 a month they’ll send you a subscription box full of the selections from their website. If I do subscribe, I’ll certainly let you all know!

All in all, Bead Box Bargains bargains has certainly surpassed my expectations. If you are looking for a place for beads, charms, or findings in general–the search is certainly over.


Katie Bee


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