"Window Shopping" by adamr

“Window Shopping” by adamr via freedigitaldownloads.net

Dear Ladies,

It’s that time of the year! Not Halloween or back to school; it’s Fall Fashion Time! Paris Fashion Week has concluded and the newest trends have been revealed. Women and girls everywhere are buying the latest-style this and the newest that. Budgets are blown on expensive sweaters that will be worn once then forgotten. I say, enough is enough! Here are three simple tips that will help you be fashion-forward, frugally 🙂


  1. Don’t Shop at the Mall- Even though stores will try and entice you with sales and deals, the mall is not your friend. The prices seem low but, hances are, you aren’t getting the steal you thought you were.  Instead, you’ll end up buying something over-priced that you don’t even really like…

Instead… Check out your local thrift shops! I bought some of my favorite outfits at my local Good Will. Don’t have a Good Will? Don’t sweat it- there are always local thrift stores that are just waiting to be discovered.


2.  Do shop online- Though they are amazing, thrift stores aren’t always the most convenient way to shop. When this is the case- the internet is your best friend! It is easy to compare prices between websites, and search engines are great when you are trying to find something specific.


3.  Don’t follow the trends- A trend is always temporary. You’ll end up buying things that you don’t love and they’ll gather dust in the back of your closet. I’m not saying that trends are bad, but if you try and keep up you’ll blow through your budget before you can say “discount.”

Instead… Buy clothes that you love! It’s pretty simple. Never let someone in a store or a popup on a website tell you what you want. Only you know you.


I hope that these tips were helpful! As always, stay sweet, simple, and stylish!