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Women Wear Winter Series: Malaika Denise (interview #2)

Hello, lovelies! Happy Fashion Friday! To celebrate this stylish occasion, I'm going to introduce you to someone who kills it in the fashion industry. I'd like you to meet a stunning woman who I've always looked up to: Malaika Denise. She's a stylish and striking...

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Women Wear Winter: Robin W. Pearson

Hello, lovelies! I'm going to let you in on a secret: I'm not the only one online in my family. Gasp, I know right? The OB (Original Blogger) is really my mom, Robin W. Pearson. My mother is the lovely lady on the left (fun fact, she's not a fan of alliteration)....

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Introducing…Women Wear Winter: an exploratory series

Hello, lovelies! First off, I apologize for the lull on my end. I realize that I owe you all a Fashion Friday post. Those of you who have been here for a while may also have noticed the absence of the Hive schedule. I'm currently revamping my system and hope to...

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